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“Imagine yourself 3 months from now if you start today. Now imagine yourself 3 months from now if you don’t do anything!”

Sandra Hilleard, Founder


At Sandra Hilleard Academy we all believe in the power of education. From our own experience we found that those who need education the most, often struggle to afford it.

As we know, we all get too busy juggling work and life commitments to find the time to upskill and keep up with the times. Attending classes is not always possible if you have to work or take care of children. We understand, because we have been there!

But in a society that is changing faster than ever, it is important to keep updating your skills!


We offer affordable (or free) high quality courses online in the field of soft-skills and mind sciences, using innovative systems that allow students to complete their study in their own time and at their own pace.

We also acknowledge that students generally perform better when they have a bit of time pressure, structure and personal attention. Our courses have discussion boards, where students can interact with their instructor and their fellow students. Some of our courses have regular (Zoom) video conferencing sessions, which students can join to interact with their instructor and each other.

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Sandra Hilleard

Principal Trainer - CEO