Apr 30 2022


Same time for 6 weeks
17:00 - 19:00



Live Coordinate Remote Viewing Course – 6 weeks via Zoom

CRV – Coordinate Remote Viewing Course

Discover your own mind’s potential, with this powerful tool. Learn how your mind operates and discover your unique qualities!

Starting Sunday 24th of April 2022, this 6-week program takes you from beginner to advanced. Every Sunday for 6 weeks you will have a live Zoom class for 2 hours, where you will be taken through the steps of development as a Remote Viewer. You will practice in the online class, and also on your own while doing the required homework exercises. You will receive a Manual and free access to an online Remote Viewing learning tool, specifically designed to help you learn faster! While using this tool, you will also contribute to scientific research in the field of Remote Viewing, which allows us to refine the training even more.

Repeat Courses Free of Charge

We all learn at our own pace, it is important that all students get what they need out of the training. That is why when you complete the online course once, you can join the online course as many times as you want after your training free of charge. (Providing the student numbers do not exceed the maximum at any one time.)

Learning by Practice

Just like getting a drivers license your actual learning journey starts “out on the road”! You can learn the theory and the road rules, but the actual experience is something you need to create by practicing in the real world, not in a car park! That is why all students who completed the Advanced part, will automatically join our Apprenticeship Group.

As an apprentice, you will receive a real-world target that will challenge you to do your very best work! These targets are generally not paid but related to science and innovation in many different industries around the world. If you choose to submit your report to the company or organisation requesting a solution, you may win innovation prizes, or you could patent and develop the idea yourself. (Note: Apprenticeship targets will never include law enforcement cases!)

Becoming a Professional Remote Viewer

If you decide to continue your journey of Remote Viewing on a Professional Level, you will need to complete a number of Apprenticeship sessions and prove you have information that relates to the targets given, with clear and accurate sketches and descriptions that would be of practical use. Your evidence portfolio or both practice sessions and operational targets will be of great value when securing work as a freelance Remote Viewer. Pay rates of Remote Viewers vary based on the commercial value of the target, the kind of information required, and the proven success rate of the Remote Viewer.

Health and Safety

Warning: Your health and safety as a student is important to us! If you are suffering from any kind of mental illness or are currently recovering from mental illness, please consult with your health professional before enrolling in this course!

You wouldn’t go training Martial Arts with an injury either, chances are you will make the injury worse! You would commence Martial Arts training when the injury is healed and you have clearance from a medical professional. Please treat Remote Viewing Training like Mental Martial Arts!

Please take care of yourself first and heal before enrolling in this course.

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After registration you will be sent an email that confirms you registered. You will be sent an invoice within 24 hours. Your place on the course is only secured after payment has been received before the course start date.